Parking FAQ

Q:  How do I park free in the Square?
You will receive 2 hours of free parking by making a purchase at one of our participating stores. After you have made a purchase, the store will scan your parking ticket and the first two hours of parking will be automatically validated. The Parking Office will not be able to validate parking so you will need to be sure to have it done by the store associate at the time of the purchase. The validation is only good for the day in which the purchase is made. This excludes metered street parking spaces.

Q: What purchases are eligible?
Any purchase at a participating Rockville Town Square shop or restaurant qualifies you to receive 2 hours of free parking. There is no minimum purchase required.  So, if you stop for a cup of coffee, buy a birthday gift, go skating at the ice rink or enjoy a 2 hour dinner, your parking is FREE!

Q: Do all Town Square merchants validate?
Please visit the "validating merchants" tab on the parking page for a complete list of merchants who validate.

Q: What if I visit the Ice Rink, Library, VisArts or the Rooftop?  Will my parking be validated?
Yes, all entities at Rockville Town Square are being treated equally as it relates to validation.  Parking will be validated for up to 2 hours at these locations if you are using the library, taking a class at VisArts, skating at the Ice Rink (seasonal) or attending an event on the Rooftop.

Q:  Which designated parking areas accept the validation?
You may park in one of the 3 garages at Rockville Town Square.  The uncovered surface lot off of North Washington Street  offers 1 Hour FREE max metered parking for Dawson’s Market and running to the dry cleaners.  The covered flat lot off North Washington Street offers 1 Hour FREE max metered parking with an additional hour for $1 (via meter) for quick trips or grabbing a quick bite to eat.  Street parking will remain metered through the City of Rockville as it does today.

Q: Is parking still $1 on Saturdays and free on Sundays?
No, the hourly parking rates listed above apply 7 days a week, but so does the 2 hour free validation with purchase.

Q: What if I park after 6pm during the week?
Hourly parking rates listed above still apply, but so does the 2 hour free validation with purchase. NO OVERNIGHT PARKING.

Q:  What are the parking rates?
Parking rates are as follows:

Daily Max $12
Lost Ticket: $12 

Q:  How does the system work?
It’s as easy as 1-2-3-4! 
1) Remember to keep your parking ticket with you.
2) Validate for up to 2 hours with any purchase at any Rockville Town Square shop or restaurant. The validated parking will be deducted from your fee using the parking equipment software. No validation chaser tickets or other paper is needed.
3) Pay at any Easy Pay station before returning to your car.
4) Insert your paid ticket at the gate exit.

Q: Will cashier assistance be available if I need it?
Yes, the Colonial Parking management office will be located in the 355 garage.  The office hours are 8 AM - 10 PM on Sunday-Saturday and 8 AM to 10PM. In addition, there are intercom buttons at all gated exits and pay stations if you have any problems or the attendant has stepped out of the office.

Q: How can I call the Parking Management Office?
The phone number to the office is 240-403-1141.

Q: Do you offer monthly parking rates?
Yes. Monthly permits can be purchased for $105/month. Rockville Town Square Merchants may purchase monthly permits for $75/month.

Q: How can I purchase a monthly permit?
There are 2 easy ways to purchase your monthly parking permits.
1) Apply in person at the office in the 355 Garage.  Access cards are distributed immediately upon registration and submission of auto-pay forms.
2) Apply online.
a. Visit
b. On the home page, type 771 in the Parking Locator box and a box will pop up.
c. Click on Apply for Monthly and follow the easy prompts.
d. Check the “I would like to enroll in the Autopay Program” box, as all accounts must participate at this facility, unless pre-approved by Management. Contact the Project Manager for details.
e. Your access card will be mailed within 3 business days if you select that option.

Q. I am a Rockville Town Square merchant.  Can I buy monthly parking permits?
Yes. They are $75/month for merchants and can be purchased using the same instructions as above.

Q: I am a Rockville Town Square merchant and I purchased a 3 month pass from the City of Rockville.  Are these passes still valid?  If not, now do I receive a refund?
You will need to purchase your monthly permits directly through Colonial Parking.  If you purchased these through the City, you should contact Noel Gonzalez at the City of Rockville.  He can be reached at 240-314-8728.

Q:  What if I lose my ticket?
Be careful not to. Because the system is totally automated, the only way to exit is with a ticket. Lost ticket fee is the daily maximum of $12, it cannot be validated, and the garage staff cannot modify this requirement.

Q:  Where can I get more or updated information on parking at Rockville Town Square?
Simply visit our website or Facebook page to receive the most up to date parking information.